Timing is Everything

Timing is everything for makeovers

Timing is everything! Pacing your makeovers and being aware of the time is a requirement to ensure your makeover is being completed in a timely manner. Knowing your personal speed is crucial to be being a team player. Time constraints are added elements to a makeover that can add stress and strain to the experience but a seasoned professional makes everything work with ease.

Some examples are:

1. Client or talent is running late- the show can’t go on without them, but it can go on without you! Know what you can do to improve their look as quickly as possible. This comes with experience and practice. Stay calm and do your absolute best. True professionals know how to work with a late client. Never discuss other people’s lateness.

2. Hairstylist or other team member is slow or running behind- A timing issue can destroy a project. I always say”I don’t ever want to be the reason a client or talent is late”, but your coworker may be the reason! This can be very frustrating especially if you are on time and have great time management skills. Work your best with this late person, but privately let management know that you were not the reason things didn’t go so smoothly.

3. Timing of the project has changed-Be aware of what is going on in your environment. Also, perhaps you have several people to make up and they are not aware of the order of the makeovers or your timing. Be confident and know you- being aware of your skills and how quickly you work is critical. For example, if you know you need 5 minutes to apply fake lashes and you only have two minutes until show time, don’t attempt the lashes. You will cause timing issues and possibly be reprimanded. Be mature enough to go with the flow and be flexible! Clients always appreciate an easy going makeup artist.

4. You’re behind schedule and now you need to compensate for it! Yes, YOU have caused your own timing issues! First, always be honest that you are late. No need to try to cover it up or make excuses; everyone knows you’re late so simply stay off that topic and move on. Next, quickly figure out who needs to get done and start working. Finally, don’t rehash the fact that you were late. That was hours ago and no one needs to relive those stressful moments. Thank everyone for great day and pray that you’ll get rehired and referred. Know that everyone has been late once in while and most people will understand, just don’t make it a habit.