Getting Some ZZZZ’s

I firmly believe in the benefits of sleep for a better, healthier and less stressful lifestyle. Many of us struggle with getting quality sleep for any number of reasons. And while I can’t be there give you all warm milk and sing you lullabies, perhaps I can offer some helpful advice.

Sleep Environment

I find that I sleep best in place that is cool, dark and as quiet as possible. Nothing annoys me more when I am sleeping than my husband playing on the computer and watching television with heat cranked up to a stifling 78 degrees. I want to cause him bodily harm. I suggest turning out the lights and using light blocking curtains or shades. I’ve taken to wearing a sleep mask and earplugs since my husband refuses to leave the room. If you live in a noisy environment with a great deal of outside noise you may want to try a white noise machine to block out the noise.

Sleep Routine and Schedule

By setting a set schedule for sleep and for waking your body will be programed for sleep. And by adding a sleep routine or ritual your body will know when sleep is upon it and begin to slow down and act accordingly.

Say No to Caffeine and Booze

Do not over caffeinate yourself and expect to be able to sleep! Duh! For best results you really should cease and desist with caffeine after 2:00pm. Many hail alcohol for making the sleepy but while it may make you drowsy, once the alcohol wears off like magic…you’re up. Skip the cocktails right before bed for best sleep results.

Turn off the Tech

I struggle with this one myself. Which is why I saved it for last. All those tech devices –Cellphones, laptops, tablets, and etc. – that so many of are addicted to, attached to, slave to – disrupt sleep with their lights, and chimes, and beeps, and vibrating, and just their presence. And then there’s the science! The blue wavelengths can mimic daylight and confuse circadian rhythms.

The best way to start any day is well rested.