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How to save face all day

Now I don’t go full glam every single day but when I do, I want it to last. For many years I could not find the reason why my make-up would not stay in place, not just in the summer heat but also on icy winter nights. Then I had my “ah-ha” moment when I was getting a manicure, every manicure has a basecoat, nail polish and top coat to stay looking fresh so why doesn’t my make-up? I am not just talking about foundation here, it goes a little more in depth than that.

First I always do my eyes first, and if you are like me about 2 hours after you do your makeup you get the eyeshadow shift, or the under eyeshadow as I call it. After playing around with different primers, I came across Elizabeth Mott’s Thank Me Later. It has a great consistency, and does not feel think and goopy like many others I have tried. It also does not have a heavy color to it (eyeshadow primers that are white tend to show through on darker colors).

Next is my face primer, before the foundation. May Smashbox never ever, ever…..EVER discontinue PhotoFinish! Not only does it have a great texture, it gives the finished product a professional look that I have never been able to achieve with another face primer.

Now my secret finishing touch, is setting spray. Setting spray might not be part of your routine but it should be. Just like top coat on nail polish, it protects your make-up and helps it stay in place. My favorite spray by far is the COOLA SPF 30 Organic Makeup Setting Spray. It has a great smell and leaves your face feeling refreshed even with primer and makeup on. If there is one thing I suggest, it’s this spray…worth every penny!