makers for your face

Markers for your Face

My love of big fat eyeliner markers is real…I mean really, real. My every day is mascara, gloss, bronzer and eyeliner. I can’t live without that black beauty that makes my eyes pop and I have tried every liquid, gel and pencil to get that perfect rich line. I have found some that I like but nothing I wanted to put a ring on until I was given the Eyeko Fat Liner in one of my monthly subscription boxes. This eyeliner has a marker like quality with its “felt tip” like look and it lets you apply a nice think straight line with deep rich color. The Eyeko Liner allows for the ease of the cat eye as well due to its perfect size body that lets you get a good grip, even if you are not dainty (i.e. me). While I don’t recommend a blush marker, this eyeliner marker is something that should be in your make-up bag and in that emergency car make-up stash!

About the Author:

I have been in fashion merchandising/styling for the past 15 years and love how make-up pulls a look together! A manicure is the best accessory in my opinion and I will not leave the house without my eyebrows penciled or powdered.  My own style is very bohemian but I love styling everyone from the girliest of girls to the most professional woman.  When I am not sitting in my closet planning my next outfit you can find me in the studio creating art for my PeaceBeauty&Joy line or watching a hockey game 🙂