wash your face

The essence of beauty sleep

Beauty sleep is indeed a thing.  Its real.  Not a myth. 

Fact:  when you dont get enough sleep  your face is a sure to tell your secret.  The luggage under your eyes and the Zorro masks (dark circles around the eyes)  are tell-tale signs you skimped on the zzzzs.

In short lack of sleep can cause you to look like a cranky old hag.  So clearly the step the essence of beauty sleepis to get enough of it.  But here are some tips to get more bang for your buck

Dont sleep on your face.  Think thats silly do you?  Sleeping on your face causes pressure and yields creases and lines and ultimately wrinkles on the face.  And if you are apt to sleep on one side more than the other, one side will have more wrinkles.  Its therefore best to sleep on your back.

Dont be a lazy dirty birdie.  Its important to wash your face before you go to bed.  Cleanse all the days dirt and not allow it to set in your pores.  Be sure too follow up with a moisturizer and a nightly beauty cream with hyaluronic acid that will do its duty while you sleep, repairing skin and smoothing wrinkles.

Hydrate.  Use a humidifier while you sleep especially in the winter when  heating will dry your skin out. Its good practice to stay away from alcohol and salty foods too because they will dehydrate you causing your body to pull moisture from itself.