8 Ways to Take Care When You’re Sick

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Happy New Year, Makeup Artists! 2020 is YOUR year! Make it a great one!

I have had an amazing holiday season with family and friends! It truly was a super fun December. I am so blessed with the most loving family and best of friends.

I also was blessed with 2 weeks vacation off from work that allowed me to enjoy the season. What a great career!

January 1st wasn’t so fabulous: I woke up with a cold. I guess all the fun caught up to me! So for the past three days I’ve been in bed resting or out of bed doing after holiday tasks (taking down all the Christmas decor Juan put up! Have you watched the videos?) and the not so after holiday tasks (putting new front tires on my car).

If you are starting the New Year off to a not so great way, I thought this advice (that I follow myself) would help!

1. Self care times a thousand! Take multiple steamy showers throughout the day. Use eucalyptus oil in the shower and breathe as deeply as you can to open up your sinuses. When you have the energy, use a natural loofah to dry brush your skin or scrub wet skin in the shower. Getting rid of the germs off your skin will help you feel better. Also, shaving will make you feel fresh and clean, productive with your beauty regime, and a little less sick. It’s amazing how a shower makes you feel like you’re productive and you’re pulling it together!

2. Drink as much water as possible. I love juices too when I’m sick. Sometimes I dilute them with water.

3. Half dose over the counter meds so you don’t feel loopy.

4. Extra vitamin C and vitamin D. Also I’ll take some gummy multi vitamins.

5. Eat what you crave. You’ll feel better.

6. Enjoy laying in bed. Don’t feel guilty about resting and taking a sick day! Get plenty of rest. (I slept all day on January 1st and I loved it!!)

7. A clean mouth makes you feel better too. Brush and floss your teeth and use mouthwash. (I replace my toothbrush after I’ve been sick, too.)

8. When you are up to doing small tasks, cleaning up your space keeps the germs away. Do a little and then rest. Don’t push yourself; you may get yourself sicker. Spray and wipe your bathroom with a bleach cleaner (wear gloves). Wash your sheets with hot water preferably bleach them. Wash your pajamas and clothes that you’ve been wearing. Empty your garbage pail that is full of used tissues. Tidy up your bedroom, throw out garbage, and return dishes to the kitchen. Wash your dishes in the dish washer or with very hot water. Open up the windows in your bedroom for a few minutes to circulate some fresh air in. Even if it’s cold out, its good to get fresh air into your space. Doing these small tasks will help your body heal faster and psychologically you’ll feel like you’re getting back to your self!

No one likes being sick, but it is a reminder that your health is so important and an incredible blessing. Take care of yourself not only when you’re not feeling well, but everyday. You deserve perfect health. You deserve to take time every single day to take care of the beautiful YOU!

What are some things that you do when you’re not feeling well that you think would help someone? Leave a comment below!

XO Dawn


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