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Probably one of the toughest makeup and lighting combinations to grasp is fluorescent/incandescent. This lighting scenario is truly appropriate for the winter months where we find ourselves mostly indoors. We work in offices, schools, and hospitals that are lit with both fluorescent and incandescent lights. Fluorescent light admits a cool bluish light and incandescent admits a warm yellow light. This combination can throw our makeup color choices in a spin.

Keeping with the color and lighting lessons from previous blogs the combination is easy to follow. The best colors for this lighting combination are yellow based colors that are light reflective and any green color. So, shimmer daffodil, glossy coral,and gliitery peach all work in this light. Any green eye shadows and eye liners will do.

Have fun experimenting with color in different types of light! It really is a fascinating and unique way to look at makeup!

To learn more about color theory, lighting, and makeup color combinations, attend one of my upcoming makeup classes! See you there!

XO, Dawn