Best 6 Waxing Tips

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Before going to your next waxing appointment, use these suggestions to gain the best results.

1. Centered waxing bed– Look for a salon or spa that has the waxing bed centered in the room. This allows the esthetician to work from behind you, have an objective, symmetrical view of your face, and can move around the bed side to side for easy wax application. Because your head and face will be positioned straight, you will have beautiful, balanced eyebrows.
2. Generous amount of wax– Ask the wax technician to use extra wax above, below, and on the sides of the area that is being waxed. Especially when it comes to your eyebrows, you want the entire brow area waxed including the side of the eyes to the hair line. Covering more of a surface area will give you a cleaner look.
3. Use antibacterial ointment– After your waxing services apply your own antibacterial ointment (Neosporin) to the freshly waxed areas. This will aid in healing your skin and prevents infection.
4. Wax ahead of time– Give yourself a week before a special event, occasion, TV appearance, or photo shoot to have any waxing service. Sometimes waxing causes skin irritation so your skin will need time to heal. Avoid redness in videos and photos by scheduling your wax appointment at least one week prior.
5. Ice your skin – You may experience redness, soreness, and/or puffiness after your waxing service. Apply ice to protected skin (ice in a bag or towel) to reduce swelling.
6.Use petroleum jelly– To heal skin quickly from a wax burn or any irritation, apply petroleum jelly (Vaseline). The jelly will smooth out any dryness or bumps on the skin, too.

By adding these 6 suggestions to your waxing experience, you will be so happy with the results. Enjoy your beautiful, sexy skin! 💋

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