Why Self Discipline is Key to a Happy Life

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No one in their right mind wants or likes to be disciplined. Just the word discipline can trigger thoughts of control by others, lack of freedom, or having to do gruesome chores or tasks. I believe discipline has simply been given a bad wrap. Discipline is actually your choice and freedom to do what is right in your life no matter what circumstances you may face. Discipline ultimately gives you the life that you dream of because you have earned it.

I love this saying, “Do what’s difficult, have an easy life. Do what’s easy, have a difficult life”. Discipline requires you to decide to incorporate great daily habits that reinforce your goals every single day. For instance, Joe Pridmore, MCC’s fitness expert and healthy lifestyle coach, has not eaten refined sugar in about 30 years! He decided to make that lifestyle change and has stuck to it through daily discipline and a personal reminder every day of his fitness goals. His health and appearance speaks volumes of that daily discipline. Healthy grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking, and packing meals to go are all huge components to his nutrition routine. His discipline has created the healthy lifestyle that he has envisioned for himself.

About two years ago with Joe’s positive influence, I made the decision that I would workout every single day even if it was only for ten minutes. I was a yo-yo dieter and bonafide sugar addict wrapped up in a body full of inflammation. Although fitness was in my professional background in my early 20’s, I had simply become lazy and undisciplined in my late thirties and early forties. Finally, I was sick and tired of being bloated, exhausted, and uncommitted to my health. I made the decision to incorporate fitness in my daily routine once again. So now when my three alarms go off at 2:30am for work, my workout mat and I hit the floor. I thank God for all good things in my life and ask Him to get me through this mini workout! Sometimes still asleep I push myself through, the endorphins kick in, and I’m off to the races. I also incorporate other forms of fitness like running and swimming. My gym bag, wrist weights, and dumbbells are in my car ready for use if I want to go to the gym on an off day or take a relaxing walk in the park. The decision of conscientiously keeping my fitness in the forefront is now a daily habit.

Of course working out can be hard and some days I simply just don’t feel like it, but I don’t give myself a chance to opt out. I am not saying this is easy or even fun. I just don’t care if I don’t like it or don’t feel like it: I simply just do it, and am happier because of it!


What types of discipline do you incorporate in your life? Your input encourages others! 🙂


XO, Dawn



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