You Deserve a Healthy Evening Routine

You Deserve a Healthy Evening Routine

Every good morning starts with an even greater evening. By incorporating healthy nighttime habits you will create a routine that allows you to have a successful next day. Here are some suggestions to help create a fulfilling evening routine.

1. Prepare to go to sleep by unwinding, slowing down your daily activities, and relaxing. Schedule a time for yourself in which you start settling down.

2. Have a clean, comfortable bed ready to slip into. Invest in a quality mattress, pillows, sheets, and blankets. Clean these items often for a more peaceful rest. Freshen your bed with essential oil sprays that encourage better sleep like lavender.

3. Shower or take a bath before sleeping. Exfoliate your skin at night to allow your skin to breathe and heal. A clean body also keeps your bedding clean longer.

4. Open your windows. Fresh air flow is best for your blood flow and brain. More oxygen helps you sleep undisturbed.

5. Listen to meditation or healing beats music. Relaxing melodies calm the brain and the body.

6. Dim your bedroom lights or use battery operated candles. Mood lighting definitely makes you sleepy.

7. Create total darkness with blinds or darkening curtains. Wear an eye mask to block all light.

8. Turn off all electronics to avoid disturbing blue light and sound. Create the discipline to not use devices right before bedtime. Less stimulation of the brain helps you sleep better.

Follow these suggestions and enjoy a restful evening, sleeping beauties! 💋




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