How to Get Motivated When You’re Just Not Feeling It

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Sometimes even the most motivated people have a hard time getting into the groove of productivity. It may be difficult to stay motivated and on point with all of your tasks and goals. Here are four tips on how to strengthen your motivation and begin your day in a positive direction.

1. Recognize the feeling that you’re not motivated to do things and that’s ok. Give yourself permission to actually rest. You may feel legitimately tired. You may think you’re being lazy, but you’re just simply exhausted. Sometimes our bodies truly need more rest. Our brain, heart, and vital organs need time to regenerate themselves. If you tend to feel guilty about “me time“, understand that rest is a crucial component to optimum health. Taking care of yourself is not selfish. It is required to have a healthy lifestyle. Bottom line: rest.

2. Drink water and get in water. Water gets things moving. When your body is hydrated your brain will feel more activated, your blood will flow because it is thinner, and your digestion will be smoother. Showering or taking a bath will also wake you up and force you out of your night clothes. Now you have to get re-dressed. Getting dressed in the morning is symbolic to your mind. It tells you that a new day has started. It’s now time to start your daily routine. Drink up and wash up; you’ll feel better.

3. Make your bed. A made bed may prevent you from going back to sleep. Make your bed to the best of your ability, put all of your pillows and decorative items on your bed, and continue to tidy your room. Making your bed is symbolic to the beginning of your day as well. Chances are if your bed looks pretty,  you will not want to take it apart to go back to sleep. Also, it is a simple chore that once complete, makes you feel that you accomplished something. Small wins generate big wins.

4. Do some type of self care. Brush your teeth, floss, dry brush your skin, tweeze your eyebrows, manicure your nails, brush your hair, or put on a little bit of make up. These are examples of simple self care that will help make you feel great. Simple self care will inspire you to do more for yourself throughout the day. It’s the little things that you do for yourself that matter and create a lifetime of good healthy habits.

Know that you truly are a doer. Be proud of your accomplishments and continue towards your big dream! 💋

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