How to Apply Mascara Like a Pro

How to Apply Mascara Like a Pro

I absolutely LOVE mascara and long, dark lashes! Who doesn’t really? Mascara is by far my favorite product and my makeup must have. I personally own at least a half dozen tubes and scatter them in many useful, accessible locations: makeup bags, gym bags, pocketbooks, the bathroom, my car (not in the summer!), and of course one stashed just for me at work. Needless to say, professionally, I go through them like water. We all have that product we can’t live without and mine is mascara. So, here are some of my secrets to help you achieve thick, long lashes:

1. I use several different types of mascara to combine their effectiveness on the lashes. The different lash wands create different lengths and densities to the lash. Interchange the lash wands and products to build up to thick lashes.putting-on-mascara

2. Many, many coats! Call me crazy, but just a few coats don’t do it for me. I do about 20 coats on each eye interchanging wands and avoiding clumps. Tops of lashes, too. A good 20 achieves the deep color that I’m looking for. Of course, if you or your client want a more natural look, do less.

3. Move the wand in many directions. Pull outward for lash length and across for eye length.

4. Separate. Comb through lashes and check for clumpiness.curling-eyelashes

5. Curl lashes before and/or after you apply mascara to create an instant eye lift.

To remove those Bette Davis eyes, use a gentle, yet effective eye makeup remover. I love pure coconut oil; it’s all natural, easy on the wallet, and kind to the eyes. Wink, wink.

Your makeup experience is important to us and our fans! Please share your mascara reviews and favorite lash hacks!


XO, Dawn


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