Makeup Colors for Natural Light

Makeup Colors for Natural Light

Light affects and alters everything we see including makeup. There are many types of light, but on an everyday basis we find ourselves under natural, fluorescent, and incandescent lighting. Fluorescent light is found in office spaces, basements, and gymnasiums and emits a cool blue, green, or grey light. Incandescent light is your typical warm colored light bulb found in homes. Also candle light and fireplaces emit incandescent like lighting. Natural light is of course our sunlight. It is our most pure, clear white light.

Natural light comes in a spectrum of color because of the time of day and it is constantly changing due to the rotation of the earth around the sun, seasons and time of year, and weather (clouds are light filters!). Therefore, natural light is temperamental so its important to speak in color temperature terms when talking about light.

Color temperature is based on measurement in Kelvin. The lower the color temperature number the warmer the light and the higher the number the cooler the light. When we think of sunlight we think of pure white light which is probably around noon time at 5600 degrees Kelvin, yet keep in mind that daylight changes throughout the day. Pure white light shows true color; it is the gold standard for seeing color for what it really is. Natural light at about 5600 is clear and shows the exact color.

I believe brown based makeup, colors in the brown family, are the most flattering under natural light. Brown is a tertiary color. It is the perfect blend of all three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. Brown colors mimic skin and look organic and pretty on the skin. Think taupe, nude, chocolate, latte, sand, and bronze for your eyes, cheeks, and lips under natural light. Of course you can wear others colors under natural light. Their effect will be different. They will pop and stand out under natural light. But maybe that’s the look you want. Maybe you want flesh tone eyes that flow under natural light with a burst of color of the lips using a red lipstick. The possibilities are endless because makeup application is both a science and an art. There are wonderful warm palettes of makeup to choose from that are perfect for your outdoor events and parties!

To learn more about lighting stay tuned for this 7 week series on what makeup to wear under certain lighting conditions!

What colors do like to wear under the sun? Please enlighten us!

XO Dawn


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