Makeup For Every Lighting Condition

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Sometimes we find ourselves moving in and out of all three types of light: natural, fluorescent, and incandescent. By using colors for all types of light, it gives us the freedom and confidence to know that our color choices will look beautiful and flattering everywhere we go.

Makeup that works for every type of light is a beautiful mix of brown based color, yellow based color, and light reflective properties. So think brown/yellow, brown/orange, brown/green and all of these color blends with light reflective properties (shimmer, sheer, glitter, gloss, frosted, pearlized, and metallic). A bronzer is a classic product that works under all types of light.

Enjoy mixing your own colors and evaluating makeup colors that your own or will purchase. Ask yourself: does this look brown and yellow based and is it light reflective? If the color fits all three criteria, it will work under all three types of light.

Have fun!

XO Dawn



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