Makeup Organization: 2 Power Tips To Use Now

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Having your makeup organized is a must for successful makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts!

First, understand that you do not need an overwhelming amount of makeup to create a beautiful makeover. Organizing your essentials, products, and colors that you simply love give a you a visual inventory of what you own. Mixing colors allow you to create an infinite amount of creative makeup designs. Layering colors is a fun way to change your makeup look, too.

Purge your old products and products that you no longer love. By downsizing your makeup, you can see what you have. You’ll be sure to use the makeup that you love. You will also know what you need to replace. Perhaps there is a new color or product that you want to purchase to add to your collection. Loving what you own will inspire you to use it. If you have tons of stuff that you don’t truly love or want, chances are you won’t use anything at all. You deserve to have what you love and use it. Don’t be afraid to get rid of things you don’t love or want. Yes, you spent money on it, but it’s money spent. You’re not going to get that money back. That’s in the past. It’s okay to let that go and move on.

The second organization tip is to have products displayed in a way that you will use them. If you have cosmetics in bags that you can’t see through, you will forget about what you own and probably not use those items. By using what you already own, you will actually save money. I like to have my makeup in plastic cosmetic display containers so I can see what products I have. I can simply pull out these containers and then do my makeup very quickly and in an organized manner.  I store my brushes in a cute decorative jar. I use bags for traveling and for touch ups when I’m on the go. I toss a makeup bag into my gym bag or in my handbag before I leave the house.

Organized makeup is well used makeup. Enjoy your products. You deserve it! 💋

Check out the 10 minute video on this topic on Finding Beauty: Video #17 on Facebook (4/29/2020).


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