Makeup Tip Monday #8

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Know your timing. Know your speed and skill set. If you know you can’t do something in a certain amount of time, be honest.

Timing is everything! Especially, when your timing is critical to a project or event. As a makeup artist, your awareness of your timing and skill set is very important to the flow of every project or event you work on. Communication is key when talking timing and time restraints with clients and production staff. Sometimes you are asked to create a makeup look that does not fall into the time restraints that you are under. It’s very important that you are honest about time and let people know what can or can’t be done.

One example would be lash application. If it takes you 5 minutes to apply lashes and you know you only have 2 minutes until that person has to be on set, you must let that person know that there is not enough time and the lashes will have to be skipped. Perhaps a solution would be to apply extra mascara to the lashes for those 2 minutes.

Honesty is always the best policy. If you don’t have enough time then you don’t have enough time! Everyone will have to accept and understand that: it is what it is.

Your confidence in saying yes to some things and no to others will gain you respect in the industry too. Knowing your timing expresses to clients and production staff that you know your craft and how to get a job done properly. People rather have a job done right then done terribly.

Be fearless, not reckless. There’s a big difference.

The more you practice your skills and speed, the better you will get. Check out my videos on Instagram and my upcoming classes so your can improve your makeup artistry!

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