Makeup Tip Monday #1

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Be mindful that where you first place your makeup brush is where the most product is deposited.

When you first dip into any product with any tool and then touch the skin you will notice that a stronger amount of the product is deposited onto the skin. Perhaps that is what you want. Sometimes we add product with the intention of a lot of product or color being placed in that area. Before applying that product think about where you want the most color concentration. For example, if you are putting on a dark eye shadow, ask yourself, do I want the most dark in the crease, on the outer edge, all over the lid, etc.? Where you first touch the eye area will be the most color and concentration. It is very important to think about your end result before applying your products so you achieve your desired result. Maybe you want a dark outer edge of the eye to accentuate the edge of the eye, elongate, and lift it; then that is where you first deposit. You can always blend away color if the concentration is too much or dust off color from the brush on to a tissue or paper towel.

During the video version of this tip on Facebook @makeupclassesdotcom posted on August 12, 2019, I demonstrate adding a highlighter!

Enjoy the video and have fun learning and experimenting with makeup!

XO Dawn

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