Makeup Tip Monday #12

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Always leave your space cleaner than the way you found it.

Clean is beautiful. As makeup artists and beauty professionals, it is imperative to always work in a clean work environment. Your workspace speaks volumes of how much you care about your hygiene, your clients’ health, and your reputation in the industry.

When working on location, it is important to keep your makeover area neat and clean. Tidying up and wiping down items throughout the day should be a habit. At the end of your work day, clean your area and return items to where they belong. This shows respect to other beauty professionals, coworkers, and the owner of the space.

Cleanliness is especially appreciated when working in someone’s home. Never leave a mess for the homeowner to clean up. Ask where the garbage is and throw out your waste. Ask if you could wipe the table and chairs that you use. If the floor gets dirty, ask for a broom and clean it up.

It’s the little, big things that matter! Cleaning can seem so little and such a small task, but to the person observing your professional behavior, it’s big!

Watch the fun video on this topic on YouTube or Instagram! Enjoy!

Please share your cleaning tips with beauty pros down below!

XO Dawn

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