Makeup Tip Monday #14

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Clean hands are fast hands! Don’t use your hands as a makeup palette. It’s unsanitary and it can cause a huge mess. Clean hands allow you to work quickly without worrying about getting product all over you and your client.

I’m a big stickler about this! I never, I mean never, put makeup on my hand or body and then apply it to another person.

First of all, it’s down right disgusting. It’s extremely unsanitary and undermines the health of your client. Your client’s health and safety are always number one. Use only clean makeup palettes, sponges, brushes, and disposable tools to apply makeup.

Also, when your hands are clean and free of makeup, you can work very fast without worrying about getting makeup all over the place. If I accidentally get makeup on my hands, I quickly wipe my hands with a baby wipe or towel. Once I have an opportunity (no matter where I am within the makeover) I wash my hands. As soon as I’m done with my client I wash my hands and proceed to clean my workspace and then wash my hands again when I’m all done.

When I’m doing hair, I wash my hands to rid them of any hair products. I wash my hands after every hair client, too.

Some special effects makeup does require you to touch and manipulate the products. Your actor or client should be made aware of that fact and agree that he or she is okay with you touching the product. Of course your hands should be extremely clean or perhaps wearing gloves is an option. Some makeup can not be manipulated properly with gloves so clean hands are the only option.

As I’m doing my own makeup and hair, I am aware of what I am doing in order to keep my hands clean. I wash my hands as soon as I’m done getting ready. If I want to test a color before applying it, I’ll use a tissue.

Become a clean freak! You’re clients will notice and appreciate all your extra effort in keeping them safe. Your clean, beautiful appearance will be noticed, too!

Watch the video that adds more content to this subject on YouTube or Instagram. Enjoy!

XO Dawn

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