Makeup Tip Monday #15

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Twist your mascara wand in your mascara tube. Don’t pump the wand because that pushes air into the tube and dries out your mascara faster.

Here are a few quick tips on how to apply mascara like a pro!

1. When taking mascara from the tube, twist the wand. Don’t pump the wand to attempt to grab more mascara on the wand. When you pump the wand, you push air into the container which can cause the product to dry out.
2. If you find yourself pumping the mascara or twisting your wand a lot in order to scrape the sides of the tube, chances are there is not a lot mascara left in the container. It’s time to treat yourself to a new one!
3. When applying mascara, do the bottom lashes first then ask the client to look up and then do the top lashes. This technique prevents the mascara from getting on the eye lid when the client looks up to apply on the bottom lashes.
4. To achieve length to the eye shape and lateral position, draw the lashes to the outer edge of the eye by pulling the mascara outward. This gives the eye an elongated effect.

To see an application demonstration, watch the Makeup Tip #15 video on YouTube or on Instagram.

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