Makeup Tip Monday #19

Makeup Tip Monday #19

Allow anti-shine products to dry before applying any type of makeup.

Not all makeup formulas mix well together. Think: oil and water. As you may have experienced, these ingredients are challenging to blend. Keep that in mind when trying to blend or layer different makeup products.

Anti-shine products, especially, have to be layered properly and according to the product’s instructions. Anti-shines have to dry before layering other products. Anti-shines need to dry in order for them to work correctly. If you blend other products right away into the anti-shine, the anti-shine basically dissipates into the other products and doesn’t control the oil. Sometimes the anti-shine will literally break up, crumble, or leave spots on the skin.

Following a product’s directions is critical for the product to work correctly. This requires your patience and time. Before working with products that require extra time to get a great result, decide if you have enough time to incorporate the product into the makeover.

For more information about anti-shine, check out the video on YouTube or Instagram. Enjoy!

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