Makeup Tip Monday #2

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Double check your makeup kit for all your necessary items by imagining what you use on the face from the top to bottom. Face, eyes, cheeks, and lips. This mental checklist will save you from forgetting something every time.

Before working on any on location job, I triple check everything. Jobs are different of course. You may be working a wedding in need of extra lip gloss choices or a fashion event that requires tons of glitter or a movie that asks for special effects. Every project requires different items so it’s crucial that you visually scan every makeup item as you are packing for the job.

I am the queen of lists. I write a packing list days before and I keep adding to the list as I get bright, creative ideas. I also have a mental checklist. I imagine the face and ask myself do I have the products and tools for that area of the face. I check off items on these lists as I pack.

A perfectly equipped makeup kit gets the job done right. It also gives you, makeup artist, the peace of mind and confidence to be your absolute best.

Check out all my Makeup Tip Mondays on Instagram and learn how to pack your kit at my 20 Hour Makeup Artistry Techniques Class starting in June 2020. See you soon!

XO Dawn

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