Makeup Tip Monday #20

Makeup Tip Monday #20

Always give yourself extra travel time when working on location.

Timing is everything! You never want to be the reason why a project or event runs late. Being punctual and great time management are skills, habits, and lifestyles. When you’re working on a project, you have to do some “timing mathematics”. You have to factor in many elements in your commute:

1. Actual commute time
2. Loading up your vehicle with kits and supplies
3. Accidents and traffic on the road
4. Mass transit running behind schedule
5. Time that you may be lost on the road
6. Turn around time; you have to return home because you forgot something
7. Time needed to enter the workspace
8. Meet and greet time with your clients

Also, live by these rules: early is on time; on time is late. When you’re punctual, you gain respect in the beauty industry. You will always be booked because you care enough to be early for their important project or event.

To see the video that accompanies this topic, check out YouTube or Instagram. Enjoy!

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