Makeup Tip Monday #23

Makeup Tip Monday #23

After sharpening a lip or eye pencil, roll the tip on a tissue or paper towel to soften any sharpness and to check for wooden splinters. Then lightly spray with alcohol and let air dry.

Taking care of your products and tools is a crucial part of being a successful makeup artist. When using pencils it’s important keep them sharpened. A good point ensures precision when drawing on the eyes and lips. If you are not achieving the look you want check the pencil’s point. It has probably dulled and needs to be sharpened.

Also, sharpening your pencils is a form of sanitation. Sharpening keeps your pencils clean. After sharpening, spray with 99% alcohol, let air dry, and then cap.

When your pencils are sharpened, they are ready to create beautiful makeovers!

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