Makeup Tip Monday #27

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Create perfect arched eyebrows by cleaning up the eye area with an eyebrow razor. The razor removes fine hair and gives the brows a clean well groomed look.

I absolutely love a well groomed, perfectly arched eyebrow. If our eyes are the windows of our soul, then our eyebrows are the window frames. A beautiful eyebrow shape lifts the eyes and gives you a younger look.

One of my favorite tools is an eyebrow razor. It cleans the eye area so nicely. It removes fine hair as well as thicker brow hair. It is quick to use so when time is of the essence a brow razor is your go to.

Watch my eyebrow tutorial on Facebook makeupclassesdotcom, April 16, 2020 to learn how to create a perfect eyebrow shape.

Enjoy this YouTube video, too! 💋



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