Makeup Tip Monday #28

Makeup Tip Monday #28

Use pure organic coconut oil to remove makeup. Heavy eye makeup will easily melt away.

Coconut oil is a simple, yet effective product for cleaning your face especially when you’re taking off makeup. Coconut oil is non toxic and non-comedogenic. It is good for your skin because it’s a pure, straight from the source product. It cleans your skin beautifully without leaving it greasy. It absorbs into the skin while nourishing and healing  it.

I scoop a little out and spread it all over my face. Then I take a wet washcloth and wipe off all my makeup including mascara. My makeup just melts off and my face is completely clean. It’s so quick, too. Next, I will rinse my face throughly. I’m left with smooth, healthy, refreshed skin!

Try it! I think you’ll love coconut oil as much as me!


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