Makeup Tip Monday #3

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Instead of chewing gum in front of your clients, try edible peppermint oil. Freshens your breath while not being distracting or annoying.

Your physical presentation is not only important to clients, but it’s professional. Taking care of yourself is vital to a long lasting career in the beauty industry. You are the walking advertisement for your career and business. Having a clean presence is well appreciated by your clients. Dental health plays an important role in great hygiene.

Because makeup artists work closely with our clients and talent, it’s very important to be aware of our personal cleanliness. I have a morning and evening dental hygiene routine that I have come to absolutely love because it makes my teeth look great and gives me confidence to be close to people.

While at work, I chew gum discreetly and I use edible peppermint oil directly on my tongue or I use an oil that is dropped into water and drunk. Also, hot peppermint tea is great for freshening up, soothing, and detoxifying to your digestive system. If I do chew gum, I am mindful not to chomp on it in front of clients. Sometimes you simply can’t chew gum in certain professional situations. Then I will use those breath freshening alternatives.

Also, I have a talent that actually has chiclephobia: the fear of chewing gum! It’s a rare, but a real phobia. I am extremely considerate of this person’s fear and respect this person’s wishes to never chew gum in front of him.

It’s not what you do or say that people remember, it is how you make them feel. Being clean, professional, and caring is your beauty career legacy!

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