Makeup Tip Monday #30

Makeup Tip Monday #30

Manicured nails and styled hair perfect any makeup look.

The finishing touches to a beautiful makeup truly add class and sophistication. There are many elements to the perfect look. Two particular elements that help pull a look together are clean, well manicured nails and properly fixed hair. Here are some tips that will complete that gorgeous face.

1. Clean nails are a must. Dirt under the nails just about ruin a beautiful face. Use a nail brush to clean under your nails on a regular basis.

2. A professional manicure is always best, but if that’s not possible, do your nails yourself. File any jaggedness and add your favorite polish.

3. Clean, neat hair is simply elegant. A pony tail, a twist, or a bun looks tidy. Curled or flat ironed hair adds fun style.

Remember, any extra effort into your look is seen. Go the extra mile and show off your beautiful self!

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