Makeup Tip Monday #32

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Create a thin inner eye line by first applying liner to the outer edge of the eye. With a thin liner brush pick up some color from the edge and bring it into corners of eyelid.

The product plus the tool plus the technique equals a result. By following these steps you can create a thin to thick eyeliner effect rather easily.

1. Apply eyeliner on the outer third of the eye drawing slightly upward on the edge. It will be in your benefit to apply extra color as this color will be used across the entire eye.

2. Using a very skinny eyeliner brush pick up some product from the line that you have already drawn.

3. Bring the the liner that is already there across the eye. As you approach the corner, the liner will appear less and thinner.

4. Repeat the process to insure that the liner is smooth across the eye.

Although you will take you time drawing the line as close to eyelashes as possible, this is a quick eyeliner application technique.


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