Makeup Tip Monday #34

Makeup Tip Monday #34

Create continuity by using your cheek colors in your eye and lip design.

I love a look that has flawless, flowing color. Our eye is attracted to simple color patterns. Makeup designs with similar colors flow and makes sense visually. By using your cheek colors, blush, bronzer, and highlighter on the the eyes and lips, the design is simple to understand. The look flows and no part of the design over powers another part. From an art perspective, it is easy to read; it makes sense.

There are other benefits to using one palette besides consistency in color choice. It is convenient to use a cheek palette for the eyes and lips. By using one palette it increases your speed and efficiency. It’s cost effective. It’s easy to store. It’s easy to travel with as well.

Try a this look on yourself and let me know what you think! 💋

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