Makeup Tip Monday #35

Makeup Tip Monday #35

For an easy summer look, use your bronzer palette as your eye shadow colors.

This is a great tip for summer travel! One palette for the entire face! Throw it in your bag, add a couple of brushes, a lip gloss, and go. So simple yet so stylish.

I especially love a bronzy, warm glow in the hot months. Blend bronzer and highlighter all over the face to give a sun kissed glow. Then use the same products as your eye shadow. Blend well to give the eyes a casual, carefree design. This blended look is so sexy.

Remember, bronzer can be use in all 7 lighting categories because it is a brown and yellow based color with light reflective properties. Not all bronzers are light reflective so you want to find one with shimmer for incandescent lighting scenarios. To learn more about lighting and which colors look best under which type of light check out my previous blogs or attend one of my upcoming makeup classes. 💋

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