Makeup Tip Monday #36

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For extra moisture, add your favorite oil to your foundation.

If you feel that your skin is dry and scaly,  a great way  to heal your skin is to mix your favorite oil, serum, or moisturizer into your foundation. The moisturizing product helps soften your dry skin and smooth out any imperfections. Most oils contain vitamin E which aids in healing your skin, protects it from harsh elements, and encourages new skin growth.

This anti aging technique is easy to do! Simply add a few drops of oil or moisturizer onto your fingers with your foundation and mix together. Apply evenly to your face.

This extra moisture adds a beautiful glow to your skin. Also, the oil thins out your foundation for a lighter coverage, too.

I love using this tip especially in the summer and winter months when my skin needs extra care. It’s so quick and easy! Try it and let me know what you think! 💋

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