Makeup Tip Monday #38

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When applying makeup, lean head back to avoid product falling on the face.

As a professional makeup artist, I use every tip and trick in my makeup arsenal to avoid time wasting mistakes! A very simple and convenient trick to avoid loose powdery makeup from falling on the face is to have your client lift their head back to a 45 degree angle. Keeping the head back while applying eyeshadows especially allows the product to set where you place it. Sometimes I work with very loose products, like glitter or drippy lip gloss, that require the head to be back so the product can rest and settle onto the face.

Special effects makeup sometimes require the head the be back while applying prosthetics. Also, makeup that drips will be applied to the face while the head is back.

Keep in mind that keeping the neck tilted and head back for a length of time can be extremely uncomfortable. Some people can not put their neck and head in this position. I recommend that if you can, invest in a salon chair with a head rest. Also, you can offer your clients a travel pillow that will support their necks.

Try this technique of keeping the head back while applying makeup and let me know what you think. 💋


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