Makeup Tip Monday #39

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Document your makeup design so you remember how you mixed colors.

When working on a special project or with private clients, it’s very important to keep track of what you are creating for your makeup design. Documentation is used in all areas of professional makeup artistry: TV, film, special effects, photography, and salon services.

I love using a client interview sheet and a face chart. The client interview sheet lists all of the items that are used on the person’s face for this particular makeup design. The face chart has actual color mixed on the paper to show how I placed the make up. All colors and color recipes are clearly written down.

Documenting your designs allows for continuity. If there is a time lapse when working on a project, it will be easier to pick up where you left off on the project with clearly written directions. This is especially important if you have to pass the project onto another makeup artist. That person can recreate your design because everything is written down. Although a different person is applying the makeup, there will be continuity because the design is spelled out for the new makeup artist.

Documented makeup is simply professional. It shows that you care about the client and the project and want a fabulous end result.

How do you keep track of your makeup artistry? Let us know below! 💋

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