Makeup Tip Monday #41

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Makeup should be stored in a cool, dry environment.

It is very important to be mindful of where you stash your favorite makeup products especially during the hot summer months (Or the hot winter months if you’re located in the Southern Hemisphere!).

Understandably, it is easy to forget and leave your handbag or makeup kit in your car. Professionals, perhaps you have an excess of supplies and store them in an attic, garage, or basement. Areas in your home that give off heat are not conducive for makeup storage.

Makeup just simply does not handle hot, humid climates. Ingredients in makeup, skincare products, and special effects makeup will separate and break down. It is best to keep these products in a cool, dry place for a longer lasting shelf life.

I hope this friendly reminder helps! Drop us a line and let us know how your summer is going! 💋

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