Makeup Tip Monday #43

Makeup Tip Monday #43

Develop the habit of resetting your makeup kit at the end of your workday.

Good habits create fabulous careers! It is so important to organize and clean your makeup so it is ready for your next project. Knowing that you took time to reset gives you peace of mind for your next gig.

Also, use this time to check your inventory. Perhaps things need to be replaced or refilled. Brushes need to be cleaned and sanitized. Capes need to be washed. Cleanliness and preparation is a must in the beauty industry. Staying on top of your chores after a job is part of the job.

Once you get into the routine and habit of resetting your kit, you will appreciate your commitment to this task. Don’t put this off no matter how tired or busy you may be. You will thank yourself for doing this immediately! 💋

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