Makeup Tip Monday #44

Makeup Tip Monday #44

Use cool air from a blow dryer to remove excess powder from the face and help set makeup.

As you are layering powders on the face you may find that the end result is dusty or has visible powder laying on top of the skin and not meshing with the makeup. A quick trick to remove this lingering product is to use a blow dryer to flash lift all of the extra. Simply blast the face with cool air for about 3 to 5 seconds and you will see all the powder disappear. This is also a perfect tip for setting the makeup. Now you can see your beautiful finished makeover not a caked up face.

Keep in mind that this may not be the best trick when working with loose glittery products. The cool air will move these products around so you might be left with shimmer all over the face. This may not be the result you are looking for.

Remember the product plus the tool plus the technique equals a result. Knowing what techniques work for what situations is artistry arsenal in your back pocket! 💋

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