Makeup Tip Monday #45

Makeup Tip Monday #45

Ask your client to smile wide to check smoothness and consistency of their lip color.

Our lips naturally have grooves and lines. Dry, dehydrated lips especially can have cracks and spilts. To ensure that the lipstick or gloss is smooth, ask your client to smile or tighten their lips against their teeth.

When the lips are stretched, you can see if the lip color is consistent and smooth. Go over the lips with a lip brush and press lip product into the lips. The stretched lips allow you to use pressure to add and smooth out color. You can fill in any cracks, too.

This tip works well when applying lip balm and liners. A stretched lip allows you to work in treatment type products and have precision when outlining or drawing a shape.

Try this and I guarantee your pucker will look amazing! 💋


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