Makeup Tip Monday #46

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Have multiple sets of brushes when working with clients.

Preparation is one of the keys to success. Working with the right tools is important, but so is having enough of the right tools. Makeup artists rely on the quantity of brushes, disposables, and sanitation materials to ensure a great job. Having enough of what you need to achieve a beautiful makeover is a critical component to a makeup artist’s career.

Extra brushes are necessary for two reasons: sanitation and speed. Always use clean, sanitized brushes on individual clients. Recently used brushes should not be used on another client until the brushes are cleaned. After the brushes are cleaned, they need to air dry for several minutes. When you are working in an environment that is controlled by timing (television, weddings, etc.), you can not wait for brushes to dry to start working on your next client. While one set of brushes is drying, you are working with another bunch.

Multiple sets allows you to keep moving from one client to another. This adds speed to your hectic, demanding schedule. Speed is a valuable skill for a makeup artist to achieve. Speed and efficiency is expected from professionals and appreciated by all.

Brushes are an investment in your beauty career. Choose wisely. And remember to always purchase extra! 💋

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