Makeup Tip Monday #48

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When working on set, always keep conversations light and happy.

No one likes a Negative Nelly. Energy is contagious. Whether you are happy, sad, or just down right nasty, people can feel your vibe and are deeply affected by it. Being conscious of your mood and respecting the people in your workplace (no matter where you work) is not only professional, but healthy as well.

Remember, that as a beauty professional, you are serving others. They are the clients and you are providing them with a service. With that service, a great attitude is expected.

No one wants to hear negative stories or about recent traumas. I always say, “leave it at the door”. When you come to work, you leave all of your negativity at the door and you enter happy no matter what is going on in your life or with the outside world. Don’t dwell or ruminate on bad events. Try to temporarily block out these thoughts while at work. If you’re not thinking about these things chances are you will not talk about them.

No one needs to know about your personal life or ideologies and beliefs. Controversial topics should be off topic. If you think this would hurt someone, don’t say it. Conversations should be light and happy. And if you find yourself stumped for words, just resort back to beauty. Talk about beauty related things like new products that you love and recommend or some stylish looks that you think your client would look great in.

If your client needs to vent, just be a good listener. Try not to give your opinion. Be a positive light in this person’s life even if it’s just a brief moment in time.

Most importantly, you’ll feel good by putting out good vibes and so will your client! That client will remember that positive experience and come back for more! 💋

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