Makeup Tip Monday #49

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Have a set bag or makeup belt equipped with all your touch up essentials.

Perfecting the talent’s look is your job. It’s important to have specific items on hand when doing last looks to help polish the final makeup and hair. I must have all my favorite touch up products and tools by my side when on set.

Strap on a makeup belt to hold all your brushes, puffs, hairspray (love travel size for set), combs, powders, and lip glosses that will finish your model’s look. Some artists carry small baskets on set with all their goodies. I love zip loc bags that allow me to label with the talent’s name for everyday use.

Having items right there makes your job so much easier; you’re not scrambling around looking for makeup and hair products or running back and forth from the makeup room to the studio. The makeup belt and bags help conserve energy and time.

Preparation is key and no matter what you use to carry items to set, you are ready to launch this look. Both production and talent expect a once look over. Spray down fly aways, add a little highlighter, and fix that lip liner- it’s all in a day’s work!

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