Makeup Tip Monday #5

Makeup Tip Monday #5

When using one eye shadow brush, apply your lightest eye shadow first then graduate to your darker colors. This allows you to work extremely fast and avoid cleaning your brush in between colors.

A one brush eye shadow technique is totally possible! By starting with the lightest color you can move into your medium and darker colors without cleaning your brush.

Be careful though, colors similar in tint, tone, or shade may require a different brush. you don’t want to make a muddy mess of color on the eye. Demarcation of color, like a cut crease, is extremely attractive and all the rave in makeup artistry. Clean distinct color is needed to show shape of the eye shadow design. Clean brushes are needed to achieve this.

Finally, washing your brushes between your makeovers is a must. Cleanliness is a priority for professional makeup artists or anyone applying their own makeup. You are preparing yourself for your next makeover.

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