Makeup Tip Monday #9

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When working on location with others, lay down paper towels to claim your workspace. The paper towels immediately send a message that this is your designated space.

Sometimes we don’t work in the best of spaces. Makeup and hair areas can be small, crowded, or just simply not set up for you to get your job done properly. Occasionally, you can work with selfish coworkers that insist on taking up the entire work space, too. You can get a feeling of every man for himself when working in these types of conditions.

One way of claiming your space is to lay down paper towel that boxes off a specific area just for you. Of course you want to be fair and make sure there is equal space for all the makeup artists and hairstylists. This allows you to set up your things in a certain area.

The paper towel also keeps your area clean and gives a neat presentation. You can see all of your products and tools easily because they are organized on the towel. You can then work quickly and efficiently.

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