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At one time or another, everyone has battled the bed! Sometimes you just simply don’t want to start your day or perhaps you don’t feel inspired or motivated to get moving. Whatever the reason, we all have felt like that. Some mornings are more difficult to manage than others and can feel overwhelming. Sometimes you don’t know where to start when you have so much on your mind and a lot to do. Perhaps you feel exhausted. Morning routines can be very helpful to starting your day off right.
Discipline creates freedom. Discipline is achieved through great habits or routines. Habits and routines remove the sting of discipline. They can be automatic and have a rhythmic flow to them. By establishing a morning routine, you will feel more in control of your day and ease into your day with peace.
Here are some morning routine ideas to help you master your morning!
1. In the evening create a list of your morning routine tasks. Having this guide will help you move through your morning. This lists everything you are going to do in the morning so there is no guess work in the early hours.
2. Open your windows no matter what the weather is like and let fresh air into your bedroom to air it out, bring in new energy to the space, and bring fresh oxygen to your brain.
3. Hydrate! Drink as much water as possible to bring back all the water that was used while you were sleeping. Water will thin your blood and you will naturally have more energy because your fluids are flowing.
4. Make your bed. A made bed neatens up a bedroom the fastest because it is typically the largest piece of furniture in the space. Making your bed as simple as it sounds, is a household chore that will instantly make you feel accomplished. Tidy up the rest of your bedroom, too. Hang or fold your clothes, dust, and vacuum. You’ll appreciate your clean bedroom in the evening!
5. Workout even if it’s just for five minutes. A run, walk, or fitness class in the morning is absolutely amazing, but don’t discount even the lightest of movement. Stretching, abdominal crunches, leg lifts, and a few push-ups will all benefit you. Get your body moving in the morning and your mind will follow.
6. Enjoy a beauty routine. Grooming, bathing, whitening your teeth, exfoliating your skin, and styling your hair will make you feel better instantly and confident to start your day. Don’t forget to tidy up your bathroom and put away all the beauty items that you just used.
7. Dress in a nice outfit. Get out of your pj’s and avoid the the lounge wear. Dress in an outfit with your favorite accessories that inspires you to start your day and work on your big dream.
8. Read and write. Read something inspiring that makes you feel good. Write down some tasks that you want to work on today. A realistic things to do list will help relieve the pressure of deciding on what to do next. Take time to visualize your best self for today and write down what needs to get done to achieve that.
9. Eat healthy. If you eat breakfast, make it a healthy one. Your very first food choices set the pace of the day. A healthy breakfast will motivate you to continue to eat healthy throughout the day. If you eat junk in the morning, that may give you permission to continue making bad food choices the rest of the day.
10. Dismiss the noise. Avoid the news and social media when you first wake up; save that for later. You deserve a peaceful morning focused on your mind, body, and spirit. Avoid negativity so you have a healthy mindset in the beginning of your day.

A morning routine is full of choices: your choices. You decide what works best for you and stick to it. After several weeks of building the great habit of a morning routine, you will witness enormous positive change in your life. So, get up and go get your dream! 💋

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