Office With A Window Makeup

Office With A Window Makeup

Sometimes you find yourself under two types of light. In an office, hospital, or school setting, we are exposed to both natural and fluorescent lighting conditions. Basically, an office with a window! Perhaps you work in a building lit with fluorescent lighting yet it has a lot of windows. Maybe you are a teacher in a classroom with fluorescent lights, windows, and you take your students outside quite often. Or you simply commute to work in the sun and end up at the office. All of these situations have a mix of pure, bright light (natural) and cool light (fluorescent).

Brown based colors look best under natural light and yellow based colors (yellows, oranges, and greens) look most flattering under fluorescent bulbs. So, when you are exposed to a mix of these two lighting conditions or you are going to be under both types of light separately, you want a mix of both brown and yellow based colors. This is what I call "makeup mathematics"! You take color from different makeup color categories and mix them together or you purchase a color that already has both color bases using my lighting and color theory technique.  For example, colors that are both brown and yellow based are caramel, butterscotch, cream, vanilla, ginger, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, chestnut, hazelnut, and khaki green.

Warm browns (browns that are on the warmer end of the brown spectrum) and greens that are blended with browns work best under natural and fluorescent lighting. When you are under natural light these colors will appear more brown and when you're exposed to fluorescent light these colors will appear more yellow, orange, or green. It really is fascinating how light manipulates color and how different colors appear under different types of light!

I am so passionate about my theory on makeup for lighting! If you want to learn more about lighting, color theory, and my theories on "makeup mathematics", join me in my next 20 Hour Makeup Artistry Techniques Class! Some of the skills I teach are how to master color theory and how to train your eye to see different color bases. See you in class!

XO Dawn

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