Productive Snow Days

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Days off are the perfect days to realign yourself with productive beauty routines. Use your time off at home to take care of yourself and give yourself a gift of me time. Winter, snowed in days can be so personally productive. Here are some cozy at home ideas for a renewal and recharge!
1. Clean your bathroom and vanity area. A clean space is an efficient space. Scrub your shower and tub so you can relax in a fresh area. Wipe down your vanity so it’s free of makeup dust, spills, and hair. A clean vanity allows you to be organized for your daily makeover.
2. Organize your makeup and hair products. Discard old, expired stuff. Clean your brushes so they’re ready to be used. Wipe down makeup containers. Create a donate bag of things you no longer use that someone else will love.
3. Practice hair and makeup techniques. Not going anywhere in this weather? Be fabulous just for yourself! Use makeup colors that are new to you. Experiment with hot tools on your hair. You may discover a look you love!
4. Use a facial mask or hair mask. A nice hair treatment is fantastic to tame winter damaged hair. A nourishing face mask brightens and tones skin. Look well rested after a detoxifying clay mask.
5. Hot bath and shave. A long soak and steam in hot water with some epsom salt is relaxing and healthy for your skin. Taking your time to shave really well is so satisfying. Super silky, sexy legs and a hair free body just feels so good and clean.

Your time is valuable! Use a snow day as a beauty focused day! You deserve it! 💋

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