Vacation Prep for a Beautiful You

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Preparing for vacation can be just as exciting as the vacation itself! The anticipation of getting out of Dodge can be just as fun. Here are 10 beauty related things that you can do to prepare yourself for your next getaway:

1. Whiten your teeth. Look pretty in your vaca snapshots with a bright, healthy smile. Oral care is so important to focus on before going away. Use whitening toothpaste, white strips, or have them professionally cleaned and whitened by your dentist.

2. Have a manicure and pedicure. Clean, manicured nails echo class. Nothing like fresh colored toes in the sand! Groomed nails pull every look together.

3. Self tan. Bronzed skin just looks healthy and beautiful. Start your getaway with a stunning glow with self tanning products. If you’re tanning in a tanning bed, remember to tan safely and follow all of the safety guidelines.

4. Haircut and color. Treat yourself to a stylish cut, color, and/or highlight before vacating the premises. You really will feel renewed before you even go!

5. Deep condition your hair. Before exposing your tresses to sun, salt, or chlorine, give your hair a conditioning treatment. Leave deep conditioner in your hair for a least 20 minutes and rinse. Your hair will appreciate the hydration. It will look shiny and healthy, too!

6. Get a facial. Clean, glowing feels and looks beautiful. Have a professional facial by an esthetician or apply your own exfoliating mask at home.

7. Apply faux lashes or lash extensions. Lash extensions are a fun service to treat yourself to.  Apply your own individual or strip lashes. Your eyes will look fierce in those sunset selfies.

8. Wax. Shaped eyebrows and a smooth touchable face adds to your elegance. Wax, tweeze, thread, or razor all of your facial hair.

9. Smooth your body. Shave your legs and body, scrub and exfoliate, and dry brush your skin. Feel silky to the touch while on vacation!

10. Drink extra water. Upping your water intake does the body good. It helps you look younger by plumping your skin cells. It removes toxicity from the body. Hydrate and you will see an instant glow!

Enjoy your time off as you express your beautiful self! 💋

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