Your Beauty Prep For The Holidays

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As the holidays slowly creep up, it’s time to start preparing ourselves for some fabulous events. Here are some friendly reminders of what to schedule now to get ready for the holidays.

Book all your beauty appointments now. Salon and spa experiences are just that: experiences. By blocking out me time now for future appointments, you allow yourself to fully enjoy the experience. You will feel more relaxed and ready for the appointment knowing that it is scheduled. Booking now will avoid anxiety, rushing from errand to errand, and putting yourself last after everything else is done. Your beauty and self care appointments are good for a positive psyche and your overall wellbeing. Have confidence knowing your place has been set as appointments book quickly and space is limited in salons due to CoVid.

Holiday hair just looks and feels great! Schedule a current cut and color for the New Year now so you’re used to your new style. Also, purchase the right products and tools to achieve gorgeous locks at home. Men look polished and put together with a fresh cut and barber service. It’s always nice to have fabulous hair for holiday dinners and get togethers.

Brighten and tighten your skin with a facial. 
Book your facial days in advance so your skin has time to heal and recover from a facial and skin treatment. A deep cleansing facial is a beautiful way to relax and enjoy the holiday season. You’ll look and feel younger.

Schedule your manicure and pedicure. Nail polish and nail services need time to dry and set. By booking a set appointment you know that a block of time has been carved out for you to have stylish nails. The holidays are hectic enough then compiled with everyday life stuff, it’s sometimes difficult to tune out and relax. If you’re frantic and in a rush, the manicure that you just paid for will be ruined if not completely dried. Knowing that you have a nail appointment allows you to settle in and enjoy. If your nail appointment was far in advance of your parties, do your own touch ups. Bring your own color to use in the salon so you can touch up chipping at home. During the holidays you probably won’t have time to fix your manicure at the salon if it chips. Having your own color allows for last minute touch ups. Also, wear gloves when doing your holiday cleaning to protect your nails from wear and tear.

Preparing your beauty maintenance and routine now allows you to enjoy this season of peace and love. You will feel more relaxed and at ease knowing there is a time out waiting for you. You deserve it!💋

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