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Hard as Nails

Now that summer is coming to its end,  it a good to access the damage to your nails who may have fallen victim to salt water and chlorine as you sought water to soak in to combat the summer heat.  I think you may appreciate some tips to rehabilitate and strengthen your nails.  As always,

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wash your face

The essence of beauty sleep

Beauty sleep is indeed a “thing”.  It’s real.  Not a myth.  Fact:  when you don’t get enough sleep  your face is a sure to tell your secret.  The luggage under your eyes and the Zorro masks (dark circles around the eyes)  are tell-tale signs you skimped on the zzzz’s. In short lack of sleep can

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Hair Shedding Tips

Is your hair shedding out of control?

Try this – Rosemary Leave- in Conditioner Have you abused your hair to the point where yourself shedding more than your cat?  The answer to your hair less may be just a few steps away in your cupboard. Rosemary is a fragrant herb used to season many dishes but did you know that it can

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